VIDEO: Building an International Investment Portfolio using (mostly) Low Cost Index Trackers / ETFs

6/1/2022.  This is an 'under the hood' walk-through of a practical portfolio build.   Starting with key concepts, and progressing right through to the actual finalised portfolio.

  Topics covered include:
- Evidence-based investing - what it is and what it isn’t;
- Investing vs Trading;
- Diversification & Performance of key asset classes;
- What are Bonds?;
- How to match your Asset Allocation to your Risk Profile;
- Stay relaxed by matching your strategy to your time horizon;
- Using a Risk-Return chart to help build your portfolio;
- Passive vs Active investing – understanding index-trackers;
- Core & Satellite investing;
- Criteria for portfolio fund selection;
- How to manage currency risk in your portfolio;
- Understanding portfolio cost.

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