Jupiter Ecology Fund

Ethical and Sustainable Investing

Manager - Jupiter Asset Management

Fund Name - Ecology Fund I Acc

  • Currency - GBP
  • ISIN - GB00B4KLC262
  • Benchmark - MSCI AC World / FTSE ET100
  • Cost p.a. - 0.78%
  • Domicile - UK
  • Launch - 1988-04
  • Structure - Unit Trust
Performance from 2010
Year        Annual        Cumulative    Annualised
2010 14.54%     14.54%     14.54%
2011 -9.18%     4.03%             1.99%
2012 6.81%     11.11%     3.57%
2013 30.47%     44.96%     9.73%
2014 2.08%     47.98%     8.15%
2015 4.71%     54.95%     7.57%
2016 21.33%     88.00%     9.44%
2017 -13.79%     62.07%     6.22%
2018 27.21%     106.18%     8.37%
2019 5.37%     117.25%     8.07%

Other Share Classes
  • GB00BJJQ4J83 – J Acc GBP (cost 1.38% p.a.)

From The Factsheet

The objective of the Fund is to provide capital growth with the prospect of income, over the long term (at least five years) by investing in companies whose core products and services address global sustainability challenges.

At least 70% of the Fund is invested in shares of companies based anywhere in the world whose core products and services address global sustainability challenges.  Up to 30% of the Fund may be invested in other assets, including shares of other companies, open-ended funds (including funds managed by Jupiter and its associates), cash and near cash. Companies must meet both a comprehensive financial assessment and environmental and social criteria including looking at a full range of ethical exclusions.

My Comments

The Jupiter Ecology Fund has a long history and huge credibility in the environmental and sustainability investment arena.  The fund is broadly diversified geographically, with a somewhat lesser allocation to USA than the MSCI World index, potentially making it a diversification candidate for ethical portfolios that are already over-weighted to the US.

Performance-wise, in the ten years to end 2019, the fund has delivered an 8% annualised return in GBP terms; somewhat lower than long-run growth of global developed markets as represented by the MSCI World index.

Nevertheless, for investors seeking global diversification combined with top-tier sustainability rankings and a positive environmental impact, it's definitely worth a look.


  • Cost means Ongoing Charges Figure or best equivalent.
  • Past performance is not a guide to future returns.
  • Benchmark stated is via fund factsheet, authoritative data source, or based on fund holdings.
  • Data provided for information only, and may be inaccurate or out of date.  
  • Not an investment recommendation.  

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