Baillie Gifford Global Stewardship Fund

Ethical and Sustainable Investing

Manager - Baillie Gifford

Fund Name - Global Stewardship Fund B Acc

  • Currency - GBP
  • ISIN - GB00BYNK7G95
  • Benchmark - MSCI AC World
  • Cost p.a. - 0.53%
  • Domicile - UK
  • Launch - 2015-12
  • Structure - OEIC
  • Style - Actively Managed
Performance from 2016
Year        Annual        Cumulative    Annualised
2016 30.93%     30.93%     30.93%
2017 26.58%     65.73%     28.74%
2018 -4.72%     57.91%     16.45%
2019 25.42%     98.05%     18.63%

Other Share Classes

  • GB00BDDY6H83 – B Inc GBP (cost 0.53% p.a.)
  • GB00BYNK7J27 – Y Inc GBP (cost 0.48% p.a.)

From The Factsheet

The Global Stewardship Fund is a global equity fund which makes long-term investments in sustainable growth businesses. The Fund mitigates some Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks by applying ‘sin’ sector exclusions, and then seeks to identify ESG opportunities by focusing on companies which our research suggests are a net benefit to society, which balance the interests of all stakeholders, and which exhibit a responsible culture. The Portfolio Construction Group (PCG) is made up of six experienced investors and two senior Governance and Sustainability specialists, and is supported by one further dedicated Governance and Sustainability analyst. The PCG provides challenge, context and comparison when building a concentrated portfolio of 70-100 stocks.

My Comments

The performance of the Baillie Gifford Global Stewardship fund has been terrific since launch, and in the four years to end 2019 the fund delivered annualised returns of over 18% in GBP terms.  The rebound from the COVID dip has been phenomenal, thanks to significant holdings in companies such as Tesla, Amazon, Netflix. 

This is a global equity fund, covering both developed markets and emerging economies.

The fund's ESG credentials are average; however if you're looking for a fund with zero fossil fuel involvement, this might be worth looking at. 


  • Cost means Ongoing Charges Figure or best equivalent.
  • Past performance is not a guide to future returns.
  • Data provided for information only, and may be inaccurate or out of date.  
  • Not an investment recommendation.  

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