Financial Planning - What is it like, exactly?

1/9/2019.   Part of the job of a financial advisor is to help you think clearly about your financial future, prioritise your objectives, and identify the best options available to you to meet your goals.

The knowledge and expertise that I bring with me includes:
  • Life experience – I’ve lived in numerous countries, raised half a dozen kids, and am extremely familiar with the typical needs of my expatriate clients;
  • Technical and financial – in a simple and easy to understand way, we can build a plan that’s workable for you, with real (and realistic) numbers;
  • Product knowledge – I help sort through the enormous range of international options on investment funds, pensions and superannuations, tax-wrapped investment accounts, or protection products.

My Approach to Financial Advice:

What it is

  • A straightforward consultative process, at your own pace and lead by your own priorities
  • Transparent and informative, to whatever level of detail you require
  • We work together to create your most suitable financial plan
  • I then provide everything you need to support your own decision-making process

What it isn’t

  • No selling, no pressure, no requirement to make any decisions
  • In fact, no obligation to do anything

I call it ‘Intellectual honesty’

Many of my clients may not have a financial background, but they are certainly smart enough to carry out their own research, and make their own decisions.  The problem is, they just don’t have the time to dedicate to this (or they have other priorities in life!).

Working with me is like delegating the heavy lifting – my role is to understand your circumstances, research options for you, bring you a shortlist, make recommendations and provide advice, and help you put plans in place when you’re ready.

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