Private Health Insurance For Expatriates

In the UAE the laws regarding health insurance differ for each Emirate. For instance, employers in Dubai are legally obliged to provide medical cover for their employees.

Be aware, this basic level may not be sufficient for you.
You should verify that the health insurance cover offered via your employer’s group scheme is sufficient for your needs in all areas.

Check Your Annual Claim Limit

All health insurance schemes have an annual claim limit on the monetary value of the insurance cover. Often there will also be sub-limits for specific conditions or types of treatment.

For instance, the Dubai EBP (Essential Benefits Plan) has a total annual claim limit of AED 150,000. This may seem plenty for lower-tier staff, but is negligible compared to the costs of quality healthcare in a leading hospital.  Check the annual limit of your current plan.

Choice of Location and Emergency Repatriation

Many health insurance plans allow you to choose the hospital where you obtain treatment, but many do not – specifying specific clinics or hospitals where you should get treatment. Some allow you to choose the country location of treatment, which may be a good option depending on your family circumstances and the likelihood that you would want to repatriate in the event of a medical emergency or a need for longer-term treatment and recovery.

Emergency evacuation to a suitable hospital, when medically required, is usually provided by international medical insurance plans. Often travelling costs of a companion will be covered also. For expats in many parts of the world, this is an essential provision in their health insurance policy.

The Need for your own Private Health Insurance

Senior management and executive expatriates often find that the cover offered by the employer group health insurance is drastically insufficient. In this case a ‘top up’ private health insurance policy is a good option.

In this situation, you select the clinical services and limits of medical cover that are right for you. And you own the policy, so it won’t suddenly cease if you leave your employer.

By choosing a top-up policy with a relatively high level of excess, it can be very cost-effective - you use your ‘local’ cover for routine or less serious health matters, but your ‘executive international’ cover for more serious conditions that are likely to require extended or expensive treatment.

Find Out More

Please contact me to help you identify a quality international private health insurance plan that meets the specific requirements of you and your family.

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