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Now based in Dubai (after many years in Singapore), I work with international professionals, high net worth individuals, and expatriates of all nationalities. I’m a financial expert who provides independent unbiased advice, personal service, and with honest fees.

My job is to help you create a practical plan, take control of your financial future, and ultimately achieve your long term financial goals.

Below is an overview of the professional financial services I provide. Please do scroll through, and read more about any areas that are relevant to you.

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Roy Walker Award Winning Financial Advisor

Financial Planning

Financial PlanningA well-constructed financial plan takes a holistic view of your situation, your objectives, your resources, your income, your responsibilities, and key life milestones for yourself and your family.   A plan also helps you prioritise between the three tiers: (i) needs - the essentials, the “must-haves”; (ii) goals – the objectives you are working towards, and; (iii) dreams – your aspirations, lifestyle wishes, the “wouldn’t it be nice if”s.  Having a clear perspective and solid grasp on tangible priorities is essential to your future financial success.

Tax Efficient Investments

Tax Efficient InvestmentsAs internationally mobile professionals, we need to make sure that we understand our options and make best use of the tax-efficient investment and savings structures available to us.  We might be living in a low-tax environment right now, but global tax regimes such as the new Common Reporting Standard mean it’s essential to take a long term view and plan to minimise future liabilities.

Retirement Savings

Retirement SavingsThe biggest financial event in our lives is retirement; but many people spend more time planning for their summer holiday, than they do for financial independence.  Do you know “what’s your number”?  What income will you need in retirement, and what financial resources should you have, to make sure you don’t run out of money for thirty years?  And most importantly, what should you be doing about it now?

Education Fee Planning

Education Fee PlanningWe all want the best opportunities for our kids futures.  In today’s world the foundation is a quality education.  Working out what’s required financially, and planning how to get there, is important.  (And I should know, I’ve got six kids!)

Wealth Management

Wealth ManagementMost people have a good understanding about investment principles, and can make good decisions when faced with a shortlist of different asset choices.  But it’s the selection of those assets, the creation of the shortlist, that takes time, knowledge, and experience.   By working in partnership with my clients, I am able to propose options and help you make good decisions based on evidence and proven principles, rather than emotion or the latest fad.

Portfolio Reviews and Analysis

Portfolio Reviews and AnalysisOften I meet new clients who feel that their existing portfolio of investments, or savings plan, hasn’t been performing as it should.  Or perhaps they seek a fresh view of their holdings and investment strategy.  In this case, a review of your current strategy, and analysis of your asset allocation with recommendations for improvement,  is a composite part of my service as your financial advisor.

UK Pension Transfers

UK Pension TransfersMost likely, you have already started to save for retirement back home; but when you move overseas, typically your pension becomes frozen.  With nobody looking after it – well, is it working hard for you?  Also, if you have a defined benefits scheme (final salary) with a previous employer, can you trust that it will still be there when you retire, or do you have better options right now?   These are matters that I routinely assist clients with, and help them take more control over the assets they’ve already worked hard to accumulate.

Inheritance Planning

Inheritance PlanningPlanning for the complex UK inheritance tax rules is just one aspect of inheritance planning.  You may be seeking to manage how your assets are distributed, to create a legacy, perhaps down multiple generations.  Or you wish to protect assets for minor children, so that your intended beneficiaries receive the funds when they old enough to manage things for themselves.  Making a will is important, but for protection of assets and compliance with your wishes, the use of trusts can bring the control you require for years into the future..

Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover

Life Insurance and Critical Illness InsuranceMost of us try to avoid thinking about ‘worst case scenarios’.  But sometimes we need to.  Employer benefits such as ‘death in service’ insurance can lull us into a false sense that everything is taken care of.  When I sit down with new clients and work out the cover they actually require, many people find they are drastically under-insured.  Moreover, statistically we are much more likely to be hit with a serious illness, and survive, than we are to die before the age of 65.  Making sure you have planned for that 50/50 likelihood is essential; if the worst happens, you want to be able to focus on recovery, instead of stressing about finances.

Property Investment

Property InvestmentProperty has a place in everyone’s portfolio, as an asset class in itself, and because ultimately we need to own the roof over our heads by the time we retire.  Before then, it makes sense to be paying down our own mortgage, rather than our landlords.  The decision to ‘buy a home’ is very much an emotional one, whereas the decision to ‘invest in property’ must be kept as a rational one.  Unless you’re already a property expert, I always recommend working with the experts when it comes to investment properties.  I help my clients identify the right partners for a successful, low-stress, professional approach to a personal property portfolio.

Currency Exchange and Overseas Payments

Currency Exchange and Overseas PaymentsIt’s no secret that most banks make big money from international currency transactions.  The standard exchange rates you get from your retail bank are pretty bad; and then on top of that, they charge you a fee for the privilege.  I help my clients select the right currency exchange broker and international payment provider, for either one-off overseas payments or for regular monthly transfers (such as sending money home each month to pay bills or a mortgage).  A potential saving of 1-3% each time you send money soon adds up.
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